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Getting rid of coughing right

Cough accompanies many different diseases. It may be minor. In this case, a person has only a slight cough. Or, on the contrary, a cough can become painful. This symptom causes a flood of tears and tearing pain in the chest. These are different types of cough. And with each of them you need to fight right. So, how to treat a cough? And what to look for in order to choose the right treatment?

Cough: many-sided and treacherous
Cough, because of its prevalence, always seems to be a simple process. However, for its appearance in the body should work the appropriate mechanism. Initially, irritation occurs in the airways. It can provoke a variety of reasons:

pathogenic viruses, bacteria;
pieces of food;
chemical substances;
mucus from the nasal passages;
developmental anomalies of the larynx, trachea, vocal cords;
some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
dry or cold air.
Cough receptors are located in the airways. As soon as the pathological process affects them, a signal is immediately transmitted to the brain. The cough center, which received information about irritation, immediately responds to such an invasion. A cough appears. That it serves as the physiological response of the cough center to irritation.

Coughing is only a symptom indicating a pathological process in the body. Moreover, such a process can be a harmless reaction to excessively hot air, and whooping cough or oncology.
To determine how to treat a cough in a child or an adult patient, it is necessary to deal with the varieties of an unpleasant symptom. Otherwise, there is a high risk of choosing the wrong therapy. And this will lead to the development of complications.

Dry cough can cause sore throat.
So, a cough can be:

Dry It is also called unproductive. With such a cough, no sputum is released. The symptom is always painful and very debilitating patient. Dry cough causes complaints of cutting pain in the throat and tearing in the chest. This kind often occurs in the initial stage of a cold and precedes a wet cough.
Wet. This type of cough is called productive. It is accompanied by sputum production. Due to the secretion of mucus, pathogens are removed from the respiratory tract. If this cough appears after a dry one, then it indicates the beginning of recovery of the patient.
Tactics of dealing with cough completely depends on its type. If the patient suffers from a dry cough, then treatment should be directed to his transfer to a wet one. In the case of wet cough, medications that thin and improve mucus removal are needed.
What and how to treat cough
It is important not only to correctly recognize the type of cough, but also to determine the cause of the unpleasant symptom. After all, sometimes he hides very serious diseases, such as bronchial asthma, whooping cough, tuberculosis. Of course, most often we are talking about a common cold, but in order to fully verify this, it is better to go to the doctor’s appointment.

Without delay, you should seek help from doctors if at least one of the following symptoms is present:

cough lasts more than 2 weeks and its intensity does not decrease;
sputum contains pus or blood streaks;
besides coughing, signs of suffocation appear, wheezing and whistling are heard in the chest, a violation of natural breathing is noted;
cough is accompanied by severe chest pain;
a barking cough torments a child (this is especially dangerous if parents have not given the baby vaccinations against whooping cough and diphtheria).
If a dry cough does not go away for a long time, then only a doctor can suggest how to treat it. A protracted symptom may signal serious problems in the body or an incorrectly chosen treatment tactic threatening the development of complications.
General treatment recommendations
To speed up the process of recovery, the patient must create special conditions. Doctors advise:

Optimum temperature. You should not keep the patient (even if the patient is a child) in an excessively warm room. A person’s recovery is significantly more effective if the room temperature is + 18 ° C … + 22 ° C.
Regular moisturizing. If an unhappy person suffers from a dry cough, then air moistening can reduce the severity of symptoms. Optimum humidity – 50-70%. Such air contributes to the transition of dry cough to productive. In addition, humidified air contributes to the dilution of viscous mucus and improves its output. And it helps to fight with a wet cough.
Drink plenty of water. The patient is advised to drink more fluids. Herbal teas, dogrose decoctions, dried fruit compotes are useful. Drinking plenty of fluids helps to reduce the intensity of attacks and makes coughing easier. In addition, with sufficient fluid intake, toxicity of the body is significantly reduced. Due to this, it is possible to avoid unpleasant complications of the common cold.
Inhalation. To resort to such procedures is possible only if the patient does not have a high temperature. For inhalation use medicinal herbs or special medicines.

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