Why does genital herpes appear
There are diseases that are simply not accepted to speak out loud. It is a shame with them to go to the doctor and live very uncomfortable. This is the…

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Rubella and pregnancy: what is the danger?
Despite the fact that rubella is a so-called childhood infection and children up to 8–9 years old are susceptible to it, adults also suffer from the disease. They, unlike children,…

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When honey can be harmful to the body
Honey has long been perceived as a panacea for most, if not all, diseases. It strengthens the immune system, helps fight colds and even strengthens the heart. However, is everything…

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How we age: what happens to us and how to deal with it

In 20 years you don’t think about old age, but after 30 you start to feel the inexorable movement of time. Is it possible to postpone the natural aging process? Yes you can. But for each age, the prescription of anti-age therapy will be different.

You turned 20
It would seem that this is the heyday of youth. But in fact, the aging process is already running:

the skeleton stops growing;
brain cells gradually die;
vessels become less elastic, which leads to an increase in blood pressure, although it is still very slow;
decreases the synthesis of elastin and collagen, which give elasticity to the skin, which is manifested by the first wrinkles;
the speed of the sweat and sebaceous glands decreases, which means that the skin is renewed more slowly.
How to fight? Simple exercises for half an hour a day will help stabilize blood pressure and prevent the formation of unnecessary cholesterol.

In the diet should be enough vitamins and minerals, especially calcium. This will strengthen the bones and preserve the collagen needed by the skin.

You turned 30
After 30 years in the body significant changes occur:

metabolic rate decreases (metabolism), which threatens fat deposits;
begins to decrease the amount of muscle mass;
first gray hairs appear, and in men baldness can form;
reduced production of sex hormones, which reduces the likelihood of conceiving a child;
Exercise more and more intensely
How to fight? You need more frequent and intensive exercises: exercises for all muscle groups, strength training.

Watch the number of calories consumed and limit your calorie intake when you gain weight.

If you want to get pregnant, get ready for this in advance: check your health, cure all infections, give up bad habits, do not be nervous.

You turned 40
The body wears out more intensively:
in women, estrogen production decreases, which leads to excess weight, body fat at the waist, increased pressure;
men have problems urinating;
up to 2% of muscle mass is lost annually;
several thousand neurons die each year;
in men, the number of sperm is reduced, in women, the production of eggs, the chances of becoming pregnant fall sharply, the risk of miscarriage increases;
decreased visual acuity, developing “age” hyperopia;
joints start to hurt;
the cardiovascular system may malfunction – cholesterol plaques form on the vessels, which reduces blood flow;
How to fight? Strengthen your muscles will allow physical training. At this age, good cardio (aerobic) to strengthen the heart muscle.

Include healthy foods in the diet
In order to maintain a normal weight, protect blood vessels, reduce fat in the diet.

To supplement estrogen, women are encouraged to include in the diet of green vegetables and legumes.

You turned 50
The aging process is gaining momentum:

women start menopause;
work of almost all organs deteriorates;
decreases the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, which leads to problems with digestion, in particular, to constipation;
estrogen production decreases dramatically, leading to brittle bones, heart problems, weight gain;
the risk of developing breast cancer is increasing;
cataracts begin to form, the likelihood of retinal dystrophy increases;
skin becomes dry, thin, wrinkled, face loses contours;
How to fight? Do not give up sports, just loads must be moderate and fit your condition.

Examine your doctor regularly, take tests for cholesterol, blood sugar. Be sure to once a year pass the test at the breast specialist.

Find time for creativity
Train your brain: start learning a foreign language, or learn to play the piano, or find another activity that enhances memory and develops the mind.

Include foods containing polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants in the diet.

You turned 60
At this age, all feelings are dulled: the angle and visual acuity decrease, hearing and sense of smell deteriorate, sensitivity to taste is lost.

Women may suffer from urinary incontinence.

How to fight? Watch your health: visit the doctor, do the necessary tests.

Continue playing sports – now it could not be more than you need.

Avoid fat, but protein must be present in your diet to reduce muscle loss.

If you have problems urinating, try to go to the toilet less often to train your bladder.

Do not allow the appearance of extra pounds and even more obesity – this is a risk factor for many chronic diseases.

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