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Stem cell use

Most recently, a large center for the harvesting and storage of stem cells has opened in Yekaterinburg. They are actively used in oncohematology, regenerative therapy (heart attack, stroke, diabetes mellitus, Crohn’s disease, autoimmune diseases, chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis), in thermal and chemical burns, and in aesthetic medicine. However, the future of the “cell factory” is still uncertain. The fact is that this area of ​​medicine still does not have a sufficient legislative base in Russia, and scientific research is practically not funded.

“One of the obstacles in the development of cellular technologies today is the high cost of consumables (reagents, solutions, etc.). We are four times more expensive compared to the West. In Finland, the same consumables cost 100 euros, and we have 400. How can we do science and be competitive? All the institutes purchased expensive equipment, but it is idle, because there is nothing to load, and as a result – research is not conducted. – says A.S. Smolyaninov, doctor of medicine, associate professor and head of the Research Laboratory of Cell Technologies of the North-Western Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov. – The same with cells. For example, we are ready to transfer cord blood stem cells to a children’s hematology center for free. But doctors do not use it. The Internet is constantly hanging ads about the search for bone marrow stem cells in Germany and other countries, one dose is worth about 40 thousand euros. Why is it necessary if we have a public stem cell registry, why not try to cooperate with us? We negotiated with them, they explained that it was useless. Although we could save many more children. The Israeli professor A. Nagler, visiting Petersburg, was surprised why there was a line of children from Russia for him, if there was a base like the Pokrovsky stem cell bank. ”

This center has long been studying, storing and using cells for treatment and regeneration. The bank is equipped with a powerful biotechnology laboratory and a therapeutic hospital for cancer patients. Here stem cells from cord blood, umbilical cord, bone marrow and adipose tissue are stored and cultured. A family can procure the cells from the cord blood of their child for future use – you can keep them in a bank all your life.

At the moment, biotechnologists of the center together with the Institute of Highly Pure Biopreparations are conducting research on the treatment of allergies with stem cells.

Fibroblasts are also made on the basis of stem cells and are used for the treatment of superficial and deep burns, scar healing and in cosmetology.

Own fibroblasts are used for rejuvenation – they are taken, cultivated for about a month and then injected under the skin. Usually the course is five injections. For burns, donor cells are used, since there is no time to wait for the cultivation of their own. The gel (collagen), in which they are dissolved, is applied to the burn, a special wound covering is placed on top, then fixed. After 5 days, a young epithelium appears on the skin surface. The period of healing of burns with the use of fibroblasts on average is halved.

Pokrovsky Stem Cell Bank supplies material to burn centers for free; In case of urgent need, samples were prepared for the treatment of 20 patients with deep, up to 80% of the body surface, burns.

Contrary to the sensational theories, it is impossible to grow any organ with the help of stem cells. Loud scandals around the fact that the stars that injected stem cells for rejuvenation were not justified also ended up with cancer. “It’s impossible. The process of formation of a new body is much more complicated than scientists imagined at the end of the 20th century. Until found the mechanisms that trigger the cell so that it becomes not a set of cells, but into some kind of organ. Similarly, it is impossible to grow a tumor from a stem cell. From the tumor can, and from the stem – no. This is the question of whether stem cells cause cancer. They do not cause, but treat, and treat for the past 28 years all over the world, ”states A.S. Smolyaninov.

Editor’s note: “All types of interventions and medical measures indicated in the article are considered as a service provided by specialized clinics under certain conditions.”

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