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How to escape when everyone around is sick?

Since autumn, the cold season begins, a little later the flu epidemic comes to us. And so it goes on all winter: coughing, sneezing, smarting citizens surround us on the street, in transport, in the office. Well, if someone from the family gets sick, then it’s generally very difficult to protect oneself.

What to do to at least reduce the likelihood of infection? First you need to remember …

How is infection transmitted?
A common cold, and more correctly ARVI is an acute respiratory viral infection, the flu is caused by viruses.

It is known that the spread of viruses is airborne. The patient sneezed or coughed, and the viruses contained in nasal secretions and droplets of saliva get into the air. Meanwhile, viruses live for several hours in the air of a closed room.

A healthy person, inhaling this air, receives with him a portion of viruses. If the immunity is strong, then the body can cope with them, but when it is weakened or the concentration of pathogens is high, then infection is inevitable. By the way, immunity is weaker in children and the elderly, and it is they who are more likely to get the flu and cold.
It is less known that viruses are transmitted in a household way — through objects that they fell on with the same cough or sneeze. It can be door handles, handrails in transport, towels, dishes, money. And they can live on them much longer than in the air: on plastic and metal objects – 1-2 days, on glass – 10 days. Touching these items, we then take up a face, three eyes or a nose, or sit down to eat, without washing our hands, and catch a cold or flu.

How not to get infected on the street
During seasonal epidemics, try to avoid mass events. Postpone going to the cinema, theater, concert, and shopping for a more favorable period.

If possible, do not use public transport, especially during peak hours. It is better to leave home half an hour earlier and go to work on foot than pushing yourself into a crowded bus or subway.

When leaving the house, smear the nasal mucosa with oxolinic ointment.

When you come home or to work from the street, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water. Wash hands must be very careful, do not forget to remove dirt from under the nails. If you have nowhere to wash your hands, wipe your hands with disinfecting wipes. It is advisable to carry them during epidemics.
Do not touch your face, especially your mouth, nose and eyes.

If you feel bad, you have a runny nose, scratching your throat, or fever and aching body, do not go outside. You can infect others as well as pick up another virus that can easily settle in your already weakened body.

To remove viruses, rinse your mouth with water, salt, soda and iodine overnight (half a teaspoon of salt and soda and 2-3 drops of iodine per glass of water). Rinse the nose with the same remedy. To rinse your mouth, you can use a water tincture of calendula.

How not to get infected if there is a patient at home
The first step is to minimize patient contact with other family members, especially with children. Ideally, it should be placed in a separate room, but this is not available to everyone. But at least a separate bed he needs to provide.

Remember: the patient is dangerous the first three or four days.
Highlight your dishes for the infected person and make sure that no one else uses them.

The person having flu or cold should have his own hand towel.

Three or four times a day, air the rooms, and that’s all, and not just the one where the sick one lies.

Daily do a wet cleaning of the entire apartment. Do not forget about the sink and toilet.

Switches, door handles, cranes – everything that concerns a patient must be treated with disinfectants.

Caring for the sick, wear a mask, remember that you need to change it every 2 hours.

Wash your nose with water and salt with soda and iodine (see above) several times during the day.

All these measures are necessary during epidemics. But for the cold season and the flu epidemic, you need to prepare in advance. In order to minimize the risk of getting sick, the immunity should be strengthened by all possible means.

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